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Dental Emergencies

& Urgent Dental Care

What is considered a
"Dental Emergency"?

Fundy Dental Centre was established to help patients with dental emergencies.

Generally speaking, we define a true dental emergency as severe pain, trauma, infection, swelling or bleeding in your mouth or jaw that is causing a disruption to your daily routine. (example: loss of sleep, inability to eat, unbearable pain that cannot be managed).


These emergency issues are of high importance and need to be addressed immediately, before they develop into more severe issues. Pain can originate from the tooth, the surrounding tissues, or can have the sensation of originating in your teeth but may be caused by another independent source (such as sinuses). You might even feel like the pain is radiating to your neck or ears. Depending on the kind of pain you are experiencing, we can determine the likely cause and treat the issue accordingly.


If you do not have a family dentist in Nova Scotia, or cannot get into yours in a timely fashion, please call us to book an appointment for our dentists to assess and potentially treat your dental emergency! 

Call us when these issues arise, so that we can book you an appointment to be seen promptly!

What is considered
"Urgent Dental Care"?

For a patient, there are a number of inconvenient dental related incidents that can occur that might be considered urgent, but not an dire emergency (broken tooth, hypersensitivity, crown falling off, detection of suspicious lesion in mouth etc.).


At Fundy Dental Centre we will perform a specific examination and radiograph for all patients. However, due to the unpredictable patient flow of this emergency office, we may not be able to provide same-day definitive non-emergency treatment for such issues. Dentists may determine to book you back at another date for such treatment.

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