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If you have a regular dentist, then you should attempt to contact their office if you have a dental emergency. If they are unable to attend to your issue, then we would gladly see you and assess your need. We work closely with all dental offices in the Annapolis Valley and surrounding areas. We know how important continuing care is for both the patient and dental providers. If treatment is performed at Fundy Dental Centre, a report will be returned to your regular dentist with the clinical notes and x-ray from your visit with us.

What to Expect at Fundy Dental Clinic

Our office is set up similar to an emergency room at a hospital. If you arrive with a dental emergency here is what you can expect.

Reception:  Our receptionists will greet you as you arrive. They will register you in our computer system and provide you with a short medical history form to fill out. Please bring a current list of your medications and insurance details (of both yourself and/or partner). Payment is due at the end of your appointment..

Examination and x-ray:  After your paperwork is completed, our dental assistants will bring you to one of the triage rooms for an x-ray specific to your problem. This could be a small one for a single tooth complaint, larger smile shot (panoramic) if there are multiple teeth that concern you, or a 3D scan for dental implant placement or other diagnostic challenges.

Diagnosis and treatment options: A dentist will then come into the room to discuss your current complaint (reason you are at the office) and review the xray images. For an emergency, they may advise you to have the tooth extracted, or if the tooth is savable they may recommend to start a root canal to get you out of the immediate discomfort, or they may determine that it is best to just get you sent home with a prescription that day and to book you back for treatment after the prescription is completed. If you have broken tooth, it may be repaired or at the very least sharp edges removed and a desensitizer applied. If same-day treatment is agreed, then payment is received once the diagnosis is complete and you have given informed consent.

Treatment: Dental work at Fundy Dental Centre is similar to most dental offices. All of our dentists on staff are competent and capable of diagnosing and treating dental emergencies. Some of the specialized procedures can only be completed by specific dentists with additional training (sedation, dental implant placement, advanced oral surgery) and patients seeking these appointments will be scheduled accordingly.


What This Office is Not

The commitment of Fundy Dental Centre is to provide a dental office where patients with an emergency can get treatment promptly. This office is not intended to perform regular check-ups and cleanings. We can, however, provide details about a dental office in your area that can help you with your regular dental care.


We do provide some other services as well. For a full list of the services provided at Fundy Dental Centre please click here.


Consultations & Referrals

If you have dental questions or concerns that are not classified as a true emergency as we define it, we are still happy to provide you with our opinion and diagnosis. 

Patients that have a regular dentist, but are interested in treatment at our office should consult with their own dentist first. We would prefer a referral letter from your own dentist with the specific treatment planned, and any radiographs already taken can be forwarded to our office. 


Emergency Dental Services

Please see our page explaining Emergency Dental Services by clicking here.


Policies & Dental Fees & Payment

Our office follows the current year of the Nova Scotia Dental Association (NSDA) suggested fee guide for pricing the cost of dental treatment and services. We can provide a printout of each suggested treatment plan so our patients are aware of the costs involved, by procedure and appointment.


We do expect payment in full at each appointment. Unfortunately, we do not provide payment plans through this office. If a patient has insurance, then they must cover the balance of their insurance claim (we submit these electronically and often know the balance immediately). 


Payment Methods: cash, cheque, e-transfers, debit, or credit card

Direct Billing for Insured Policies

Patients with private dental insurance can assign their insurance benefit to our office, so only the co-pay is due at each appointment. We can submit dental insurance claims electronically; to facilitate this service please bring the appropriate information to your appointment. Not all insurance carriers provide an explanation of benefits, and in these cases patients are expected to pay in full the day the procedures are completed.

Our office will work with our patients to process their claims, but we do not know the details of all insurance plans. Also, our dentists recommend treatment based on an individual’s need, which may or may not be covered by the insurance policy. Patients are responsible for all charges for services provided, including those not covered by their insurance policy.

We will gladly submit a pre-determination before beginning treatment to discover which procedures are covered by each policy. This will be performed for all rescheduled services if the patient prefers to assign the insurance benefit to our office.

For email transfers:

  1. Login to your online banking site, follow the links and instructions for this payment type

  2. Please use the following address to send payment: 

  3. Use the question: Where is your office located? and then put the answer: Coldbrook

  4. In the notes section, include the full name of the patient the payment is for. (So we can apply the payment to the correct account.)

  5. Please contact the office to let us know that you sent the payment, to ensure we received it. 


Forms & Instructions

For your convenience, these patient forms can be printed off and completed before you come into Fundy Dental Centre for treatment. However, it is not mandatory, as you can also receive and complete them upon your arrival.

There are also files you can download regarding Post-Op Instructions for specific treatments.

Registration Form – Medical History Form (New Patients)
ReTreatment Form (Returning Patients)
Consent Form: Extractions
Consent Form: Root Canals
Consent Form: IV Sedation
Consent Form: Oral Sedation
Post-Operative Instructions: Extraction
Post-Operative Instructions: Removable Appliance


Our patient’s privacy is of the utmost importance. We conform to all PIPIDA guidelines and would never share any personal information without prior consent. To read our full privacy statement please click here.

Pain Medication

Our office has a strict policy to treat the source of the dental pain or infection. WE DO NOT PRESCRIBE NARCOTICS FOR PAIN RELIEF. Patients that are not looking for definitive care and are unable to take conventional pain medication should seek treatment at the local emergency room.

Treatment Times

We aim to provide same-day treatment to patients with a true dental emergency. Due to the nature of this office, waiting times may vary. Priority will be given to the most emergent issue that is at the office that day, however, all patients that would like an examination and x-ray will be seen in a timely fashion. PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TIME!

Cellphone and Tablet Use

Our office provides free Wi-Fi so that you can connect and use your devices while waiting for your appointment to start or when you are with another patient.  In consideration, we ask that ringers on cellphones are turned off when in the dental operatories.  During treatment feel free to bring your own headphones if having your own music on makes you more relaxed and comfortable.

Fundy Dental | Information for Patients


Dental Emergency?

When you’re feeling pain or discomfort in your tooth or jaw, call Fundy Dental Centre! 

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