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Information for Referring Dental Offices

A referral is not required for treatment at our clinic, however we do take referrals on a regular basis from other dental offices. Patients who have a regular dentist but are interested in specific treatment at our office should consult with their own dentist first. We work closely with all area dental offices and know how important continuing care is for both the patient and dental providers. If treatment is performed at Fundy Dental Centre, a report will be returned to the patient's regular dentist with the clinical notes and x-rays from their visit with us.


DENTISTS: Please complete our referral form, clearing noting the treatment that is being requested. Then send the referral along to us with any associated radiographs, ensuring to note the date the images were taken (Dating format example:  Nov-14-2023).


Our referral form is available below:

Fundy Dental Centre – Dentist Referral Form

Referrals can be emailed to , or faxed to 902-681-9115.

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